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Brand Concept

The Aspen Tree family believes our platform for purposeful living rests on key values. We strive to always be...

About The Aspen Tree

Brand Value


We are committed to providing the tools, education, resources, systems and more to ensure our clients and our staff maintain a degree of control over their lives and environments. We believe this is an essential part of health and well-being for all.

Brand Value


We strive for the deep and long-lasting contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction that come from doing good for others and building a better society in all our actions.

Brand Value

Caring & Nurturing

We are dedicated to providing all that is necessary for clients’ physical, mental and emotional health, as well as their welfare and protection.

Brand Value


We are committed to staying informed of new approaches, novel methods and the latest, most imaginative thinking in our field.

The Development

The Age-in-Place Commitment

For The Aspen Tree, our buildings are not just residences, they are homes for a lifetime.

The age-in-place concept allows you to live in your own home and community with the maximum degree of independence and comfort, no matter what age or what health needs you have.

From the first foundation block to the last vision-friendly lighting design and holistic lifetime care, we take your current and future needs into account, so you will never feel adrift.

Forward-looking design accessible and adaptability, allowing for hardware to be easily switched out to provide maximum comfort. Even the smallest detail, such as the cabinets underneath sinks, can be removed to help with future needs. Outdoor design that help clients easily navigate the community. Each building has its own individual look and feel. In addition, outdoor spaces encourage clients to be active, for instance, a running track or BBQ dining space. In-home nursing care, doctor visits and daily activities at the Aspen Tree Clubhouse to allow residents to remain in the comfort of their own homes.

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The Development


The Aspen Tree at The Forestias is the flagship project of a line of private living communities for clients over 50 years of age, all under The Aspen Tree brand. It is integrated inside a larger development called The Forestias.

The Aspen Tree is also affiliated with real estate developer MQDC – Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited. MQDC pushes boundaries not only by setting design trends, but by adopting frontier human behavioral research and development, creating quality living solutions that are beautiful, inspiring and safe.

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