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Safe Driving Tips for Older Adults..

Aging is changing around the globe as people live – and stay healthy – longer. More older adults keep driving. A lot of drivers in Thailand, for insta..

Eyecare Tips for Older Adults..

Books, smartphones, and TV can all damage your sight if you stare at them too long. You risk eyestrain, dizziness and – without proper care – long-ter..

Accident Hotspots for Older Adults..

Accidents among older adults can cause blood clots in the brain or injuries to wrists, hips, and the spine. As we get older, we are at greater risks b..

The Ultimate Protein-Rich Diet for Older Adults..

To stay well, aim to eat a gram of protein each day for each kilo of your bodyweight. Protein is good for you in many ways. It helps build muscles and..

Create a sustainable quality of life with innovative living environment for older adult..

If you’re getting older and want to enjoy life to the full, you need a home in a great location, with beautiful design and innovations that enhance da..

Lifelong Learning for Older Adults..

The older you learn, the more “age” is just a number.Did you know that just 6 weeks of studying can take 30 years off your brain age? That was the sur..

3 1-Minute Exercises for Older Adults ..

Older adults need to exercise. Keeping fit strengthens your muscles and fights off dangerous conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and d..

5 Healthy Vegetables to Grow on Your Balcony ..

Ever tried growing your own vegetables? It’s a fun route to better health...

4 YouTube Channels for Older Adults to Stay Well ..

Age is now just a number. Older adults can use online media and keep fit with YouTube. Are you ready to discover sustainable well-being?..