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Becoming Ageing Society with Physical and Psychological Safety

The main purpose to choose home is safety and security which is not only qualifying security systems for life but it also includes psychological safety because the elders spend time mostly at home after retirement. Therefore, selecting home with physical and psychological safety before becoming aged should be considered as below;-

1. Physical safety as per the following details;-

  • Durable structure with Universal Design which is including the high hallway, wide corridor, flat floor bedroom without step, non-obstacle, matt tiles, proper space for a wheelchair which provides the space for turning at least 1.50 meters in case of emergency in the future.
  • Standardized security system, for example, 24 hours security guard and Smart Home System technology which controls through the mobile application.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator technology (ERV) is able to check the level of PM 2.5 that has unhealthy effects including generates for oxygen and for air flow ventilation and to protect from COVID-19 in the residence.
  • Green spaces for fresh air provide physical safety and health.
  • Well take care of the residents 24 hours with the location is nearby the hospitals in case of emergency.

2. Psychological safety as per the following details;-

  • Friendly and trusted neighbors make us feel safe and live happily together equate to family members.
  • Green spaces effect the healthy body and refresh the elder’s physical and mind.
  • Facilities for leisure activities which value the elder for themselves and others such as art and craft room, cooking and bakery room and etc.

Especially Physical safety which the world’s top academics health sciences centers from Canada, Baycrest Global Solutions, research and develop the aging residential care including healthcare and innovations guaranteed by the world awards for 10 years. The essential innovation is at The Aspen Tree, therefore, we eager to assist you to become quality’s elder society and fulfil happiness through all beautiful moments. 

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