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Worry-Free for the Seniors with Professionally-Design Space

The senior’s residences should be limited area to control their convenient life style which actually the space is not the main concern but it is the safety of the residential design which matches with the senior’s lifestyle, especially, applied Universal Design to design the space for everyone. Condition and limitation of elder’s routine can be helped by Universal Design for convenience and happiness in their home.

1. Bedroom should have enough space for walk by leaving space around the bed about 90 cm. in order to be convenience to get up and put any necessities in case of emergency. Moreover, bed’s height should be about 45 cm. which the elder’s legs should not be above the floor. The room should be light, flat and matte with enough light and the light-yellow lighting shade bulb that help the room looks more relaxing.

2. Bathroom should use rough tiles for the floor which preventing to slip at level R9 - R13 and separate obviously wet and dry area. The space should be at least 2.4 x 1.8 m. and diameter at 1.5 m. The bathroom sliding door should be light with locking door’s latch and the door should be opened widely at least 90 cm. in order to use the wheelchair inside. Toilet bowl should be flat with the same level of the chair and handrail with 3-4 cm of diameter to hold themselves up easily. Also, the emergency system should be installed in case of emergency situation.

3. Ramp should design for the seniors in the future to use the wheelchair so that the ramp should be linked with the residences according to Universal Design with matte floor and smoothly connected with flat floor. The ramp width should be at least 0.9 m. but if the ramp is longer than 6 m., the width and the landing should be at least 1.5 m. with the handrail. Moreover, the space in front of the ramp should be 1.5 m. long and free.

As per mentioned above is a part of Universal Design to apply with other parts of the senior’s residences which The Aspen Tree is one of the extensive property that utilizes Universal Design and collaborates with Baycrest Global Solutions, the world’s top academics health sciences centers from Canada, to develop the aging residential care with innovation on green space more than 300 rai in Bangkok for the residences’ living sustainably and happily which received the award winner for “Project of the Year – Aging - in - Place”, at the 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards. Therefore, The Aspen Tree is one of residences which is valuable to invest before retirement age to be prepared for pleasant life.

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