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Balancing Body and Mind with 5 Family’s Activities

“The healthy body leads to the healthy mind”, as human body and mind are obviously related when the body is weak and sick, the mind is depressed too. Also when our body is encouraged and well-treated, our body and mind are all bright immediately, therefore, taking care of physical and mental health is essential and we should balance both body and mind which we would like to recommend 5 activities for family as below

1. Jogging builds body’s strength and also build the relationship in the family because nowadays, a few numbers of charity run which family do it together so that jogging improves the balance of healthy body and mind by discovering life value with happiness of sharing from jogging for others. However, if the family do not prefer to jog, therefore, exercising in the nice environment’s park with family also builds physical and mental balance.

2. Yoga builds body’s strength, better blood circulation, breath practice and meditation which yoga help us to focus on our body all the time. When we concentrate well, therefore, stable mind controls the behavior in daily life which effects healthy mind and body. 

3. Golf is family sport that everyone can do which is outstanding from other sports because systemically thought practice, planning and concentration which integrate with healthy mind. Moreover, every part of body is used as well.

4. Art such as paintings and crafts which develops the brain, concentration, creativity and also practices wrists and fingers movement.

5. Healthy Food which home-made cooking for family or participating healthy food program the from many current food providers which balance body and mind because nutrition effects physical, brain and metal. Heathy food builds body’s strength which leads to efficiently sleep, fresh body and clear mood for more active energy.

Balancing body and mind by activities with family’s members builds physical and mental strength and also tighten good relationship in the family which The Aspen Tree is the property that place important on happiness and balance of both body and mind for sustainable happiness which provides the space for the mentioned activities including indoor workout space and fresh air at outdoor space, yoga class, arts room, healthy nutrient program which recommended by the nutritionist and etc.

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