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5 Techniques to Bridge Age Gap for Happiness

The social conditions, economies, politics, and technologies and knowledge in difference era effects the generation gaps in the family, therefore, reducing gaps between family members is significant for harmonizable living with the techniques below

1. Listening more to family’s member opinion which the new generation has the freedom to share their opinion to make the decision together because age gap’s problem in the families is from adults who centralized their own thoughts even those thoughts is for every one good results. However, the main point is to solve the problem without emotion.

2. Activities that build the family’s relationship because everyone spends their time together at home such as exercise, cooking, planting, home decorating and designing, playing board games, singing karaoke and etc. These activities can share the beneficial story that linked with the activities and the happiness to spend time together in the family.

3. Traveling is the activity that family fully spend time together which learn and explore new experiences at the same time including nature tourism, an overseas trip or making merit trip in upcountry which the elders prefer and also instruct family’s members to have a gentle mind.

4. Teaching online media to the elders because nowadays, online media becomes an important role for every generation's daily life. Especially, Social distancing is normal practice for everyone, therefore, using video applications for making family members laugh or teaching to live video for cooking, exercise or daily life update to the family. It strengthens the relationship between the family as well.

5. Selecting residences that provide fully facilities to support group activities to reduce generation gaps such as swimming pool, cooking and baking room, learning center, gym, park, spa room and etc. because the family members are able to do the activities more often.

Apart from the mentioned techniques, there are other methods such as dinning together and etc.. Selecting the property with various proper common areas for the family’s activities bridges the generation gaps. The Aspen Tree is the professional elderly care complex residences which design to match with current family’s lifestyle with pleasant experiences on the residence amongst 300 rai green space in Bangkok with full facilities including Universal Design residences, workout area, gym, spa room, theatre, karaoke room, the hospital in the property and etc. to support all family member to live happily together.


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