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Being Healthy by Family Bonding Sports

Doing sport or exercise builds up good health which few sports are able to play together in family and it also strengthens family’s relationship, therefore, we encourage all family's members to do the sports as a useful free-time by the sports that build family’s relationship as below

1. Badminton is fun, good for health. It also fully practices you to be witty, agile, and movement in which all family members can join or play 1 on 1 or even 2 on 2 to build the relationship in the family

2. Petanque is less movement sport but practices breathing, focusing and thought rightly. The elders prefer to do it because it is relaxing and enjoyable which can cheerfully compete in the family, strengthen the relationship and practice the brain

3. Cycling is all generations’ activity to strengthen leg’s joints, burn fat, reduce cholesterol, help better blood circulation and strengthen lungs. Also cycling in the plentifully park with family raises to freshness and relaxation which after feeling tired, the picnic in the park is another good idea to build the family’s relationship.

4. Aerobic dance is compared as a basic strength for body and mind which is able to do it at home and park. Moreover, music is another component to pleasantly exercise which is more enjoyable to do it with family.

5. Tennis strengthens every part of the muscle which effects better joints movement and eye sights which we could do it both indoor and outdoor. Especially, all family members can play together which properly strengthen family relationship.

The Aspen Tree is the designed property that concerns the health so that there is space for every ages’ exercise such as swimming pool, park, outdoor workout area, golf simulator, gym, yoga room and etc. by focusing on both physical and metal family’s happiness.


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