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5 Ways to Show Love and Care to The Family

Love and courage are significant as the power to drive our life, especially, it is from the family which compared to magic pills to nourish body and mind sustainably. Therefore, showing love, encouraging and caring with the family are important which we can do it easily as below

1.Less-using smart phone in the family because smart phone effect directly to the family member’s relationship which they keep the distance even they are living in the same house. Therefore, they use smart phone less and talk to each other about daily life more by simple questions such as “How was your work today?”, “Are you tired” and “Have you eaten yet?”. These easy questions are able to show love and care when whoever hears will, feel good about it and they have more encouragement.

2. Dining together, especially, family homemade dishes which turn to be special meals even it will be family’s favorite dishes or healthy dishes. They all show love and care to each other’s health well.

3. Medical check-up regularly which is for health program or nutrition program because it is like giving good health and show that they care and each other’s life is important.

4. Giving compliments such as “Thank you for being together”, “Cheer up!”, “You are the best”, and etc. is not only the encouragement but it also shows value of them to us and positive energy as well. Moreover, being good listener to pay attention of others can help them to feel released and good to have someone listen to them,

5. Home decoration to add nice environment which this method increases love and care in the family, therefore, everyone tries to imagine that our residence design for safety according to Universal Design properly amongst the nature and fresh atmosphere with small plants in the living room for relaxing corner of the family. These also show love and care for mental and physical health which extend opportunity to spend time together more.

The Aspen Tree is sustainable property which is a part to support everyone to show love, care and encouragement in the family in order to drive life energy to live happily together.


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