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4 YouTube Channels for Older Adults to Stay Well

Age is now just a number. Older adults can use online media and keep fit with YouTube. Are you ready to discover sustainable well-being? The Aspen Tree, a specialist in health and wellness for older adults in all aspects, prioritizes sustainable well-being by providing indoor exercise areas and parks. ( It also invites you to keep fit with these 4 YouTube channels. 


1. "Division of Physical Activity and Health" from the Department of Health at the Ministry of Public Health has clips for exercise classes for older adults. Topics include keeping fit at home, exercise for older adults, strength and energy, building muscles. Click >>กองออกกําลังกายเพื่อสุขภาพ  


2. “Booky Healthy World” by the famous YouTuber Booky Supanuch covers healthy workouts and guides older adults to long-lasting well-being through the ACE Certified Personal course, with exercise instruction clips. The channel includes recipes, healthy food, easy-to-follow exercises like dancing, routines for older adults, and low-impact exercise. Click >>  


3. Just walk and get fit with "Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone" channel with a light cardio concept at home. This concept focuses on walking for exercise, making it easy for older adults to exercise according to the clip, such as Beginner 1 Mile Walk, 10 Minute CARDIO BLAST, Walking Down Your Blood Sugar, etc. And also Mood & Tone of the video clip is similar to that in the 80s - 90s taking the older adults back in time when they were young and used to exercise regularly as well. Click >>  


4. Practice yoga for being fit and healthy at the "Yoga With Adriene" channel. Yoga is an exercise suitable for the older adults because it reduces the risk of depression. The channel is run by the famous actress and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler. She operates from the state of Texas, USA through this yoga teaching channel that focuses on both building a good mood and reduce the risk of emotional and brain diseases such depression and anxieties. This is a very effective technique as Yoga is implemented widely to heal stresses. Yoga is good for health and it’s a meditation for mental balance and to get a grip on personal traits etc. Click >>    

Keeping fit is like giving yourself a gift. On top of the strength, stamina, and energy it brings you, you gain good mental health for a full and lasting life.  


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