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Lifelong Learning for Older Adults

The older you learn, the more “age” is just a number.

Did you know that just 6 weeks of studying can take 30 years off your brain age? That was the surprising finding of research by the University of California, Riverside (UCR). It shows that, for older adults who develop themselves and keep learning, age really is just a number.

The Aspen Tree real estate project, an expert in comprehensive care for older adults, click ( aims to support learning in all areas. A learning center and activity areas will help older adults continue developing themselves.

- The Elderly Startup Program will share useful knowledge for older adults in many areas, such as disease prevention, legal rights, wills.

- The library will let older adults independently pursue their own interests, while improving their memory, concentration, and analytical thinking.

- A “classroom” will host year-round training in useful knowledge that can be applied to daily life or opens up new interests or hidden potential.

- An “Art & Craft Room” will engage older adults in painting and handicrafts, so they can stay active, foster their creativity, and express themselves through art.

- A "healing garden" will let older adults study trees and flowers and refresh their minds, shedding stress and reducing the risk of depression.

Learning is always beneficial to older adults, who can also teach and inspire those around them.


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