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Create a sustainable quality of life with innovative living environment for older adult

If you’re getting older and want to enjoy life to the full, you need a home in a great location, with beautiful design and innovations that enhance daily life, such as fresh air control that boosts well-being and quality of life. The Aspen Tree, a specialist in comprehensive care for older adults, click ( offers a healthy living community with a host of residential innovations:

1. Fresh air reaches every corner of the home with Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) to help eliminate PM2.5 dust and circulate healthy air to safeguard your health and well-being.

2. A cool outdoors comes through landscape design and the central utility plant (CUP) that avoids heating by eliminating condensers for AC. Homes are instead cooled with cold water piped into residences. This approach reduces carbon dioxide emissions while also giving you pleasant outdoor surroundings to enjoy.

3. You can manage your devices easily with the Energy Measurement Unit (EMU), which lets you track and manage your home systems on your mobile phone. You can also set a limit on your electricity use to optimize efficiency.

4. Water resources are conserved with zero-waste water treatment, reusing water cleanly and safely in maintaining your home’s beautiful green setting. You can therefore play your role in taking care of our world.

5. Sustainable waste management that helps reduce and control household waste, benefiting the wider environment.

Enjoy happiness and sustainable well-being by investing to live well as an older adult at The Aspen Tree.


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