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Accident Hotspots for Older Adults

Accidents among older adults can cause blood clots in the brain or injuries to wrists, hips, and the spine. As we get older, we are at greater risks because our eyesight deteriorates and our muscles weaken. So older adults should be extra careful at these spots in or outside the home

1.Bathroom: Risks run highest when floors are wet. Older adults are usually alone in the bathroom. So install anti-slip tiles and anti-slip features. In the bath, get railings and a seat. Put in safety rails around the toilet.

2.Stairways: This is a danger spot. There’s a risk of tripping and a long way to fall. Safe stairways are no steeper than 45°. Steps should be no more than 21.5cm high and at least 25m deep. Handrails to support your movements and prevent falls should be at least 80cm from the steps. Stairways should also have landings and anti-slip features.

3.Split levels: If your home has split levels, the steps between them should be clearly visible. If you use same materials, you can place a brightly colored sticker so older adults spot the split level and don’t fall or trip.

4.Roads and footpaths: Older adults shouldn’t walk on footpaths alone. Wear ankle-covering shoes like sneakers and, if balance is an issue, use walking aids.
According to the National Statistical Office, as many as 2,490 pedestrians have accidents each year because of uneven footbaths and motorcycles on the sidewalk. 

The Aspen Tree, a property project to give older adults the best of life, features innovative design for safety and well-being. For more information, please visit


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