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Safe Driving Tips for Older Adults

Aging is changing around the globe as people live – and stay healthy – longer. More older adults keep driving. A lot of drivers in Thailand, for instance, are now over 60, according to statistics.

Driving is a sign of independence. What’s more, older adults usually drive more safely than young people. They tend to cause fewer accidents, drive more slowly, stay calmer, and they can bring to bear more driving experience.

The Aspen Tree (, a specialist in older adults’ lifestyles and housing under the aging-in-place principle, has these tips to stay safe on the roads:

1.Get regular medical checkups to ensure your eyesight, brain, and muscles are in good shape for driving.

2.Drive slower on unfamiliar routes and when weather like heavy rain or dense fog affects visibility.

3.Don’t drive too far alone. Driving for a long time can cause joint pain for older adults. It’s better to have a companion who can take turns behind the wheel.

4.Get your car checked regularly to avoid breakdowns.

5.Carry useful phone numbers to get help in an emergency, such as for hospitals, car centers, and emergency services.



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