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3 PartyThemes for Older Adults

New Year’s Eve will be even more fun if you celebrate with a cool theme. The Aspen Tree – the healthy living community with the finest services and facilities for older adults ( - has 3 great tips to share:


- Host a Global Dinner: A chic theme for your dinner party is that everyone draws a straw to pick a national cuisine to prepare a dish from. Diners not only get to try out new food but also have fun learning a new recipe.


- Retro Party: Turn back the clock by donning vintage costume and listening to tunes from the past. The many themes to chose from include the Great Gatsby, the Victorian period, or a favorite novel.


- Create a Time Capsule: Store good memories with friends. Everyone must put in a significant memento, then schedule a time to open the time capsule together, a year or two from now, to discover wonderful memories.


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