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Art Therapy for Physical and Mental Well-Being..

Through 4 activities – drawing, painting, pottery, paint blowing – Art Therapy can improve memory and help overcome grief, worry, stress. Would you li..

Developer Unveils New Ways for Older Adults to Live without Worry..

Thailand will be an aging society in all aspects by 2021, according to UN forecasts. But where are the residences and communities to meet the needs of..

5 Tips for Older Adults to Stay Healthy and Happy at Home..

Although Thailand’s COVID-19 outbreak is fading, we need to stay alert. In a second wave, older adults could be at risk. But being stuck at home for a..

5 Tips to Stay Well in the Rainy Season for Older Adults..

In the rainy season, we need to look after our health, especially if we’re older adults with weaker immune systems. Respiratory conditions like colds,..

Health Care: The Important Role of the Elder Health to Be More Focused..

he rate of people in an aging society and the behavior of Thai people to focus on health are increasing..

Healthy Immunity with Well-Selected Nutrition..

Selecting good nutrition builds up the immune system and is the easiest healthy way that leads to positive mental health, therefore, having five food ..

Happy Elders with Delightful Stay Home Activities ..

This moment people stay home more than usual especially elders might get used to interacting with the neighbors but now the social distancing is neede..

5 Recommended Techniques to Boost Up Happy Life’s Energy for Elders..

The energy of life is essential which drives our life to live happily and smoothly, especially, the elders who have positive energy and give happiness..

The Way to Happy Living with New Normal and Lifestyle Changes of Elders..

“New Normal” is the word that will be with us for quite a long time. Because New Normal makes us adjust our lifestyle after a global pandemic situatio..