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Bridging the Generation Gap: See It from the Other Side

People of the same generation usually have similar mindsets and behaviors, shaped by the age they all grew up in. But, as each generation experiences unique economic, political, and technological conditions, different generations can have very different perspectives.

These differences can lead to generation gaps in families, when we fail to understand one another. Growing up in different economic and social contexts, we can struggle to connect even when we live under the same roof.

The Aspen Tree, the property project for older adults, ( has some great tips for bridging the generation gap. Follow these pointers and your family will live together with mutual understanding.

- Understand and respect the others: Everyone, whether children or old or young adults, must try to understand the rest of their family. Reduce your ego. Empathise. Don’t think you’re the center of the universe.

- Share what’s going on in your life: Tell family members about your interests and your daily life. Get others involved in what you enjoy doing. Children can reach out and teach their grandparents about technologies. Parents can take children to temples to make merit.

- Connect through family activities: Create opportunities for family members of different generations to learn about each other and talk more through activities. Everyone can gather to eat or prepare a meal once a week or to go to the movies together.


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