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New Chapter, New Activities: 4 Older Influencers Who Will Inspire You!

Gain inspiration from older adults who’ve become “influencers” with enchanting content to help you chase your dreams. Check out these fan pages and YouTube channels, selected by The Aspen Tree (, the property project with comprehensive facilities and services for older adults:

1. Happy Retirement: This YouTube channel shows older adults how to have a great time. Featured activities include going out with friends, cooking with children/grandchildren, and other fun pastimes perfect for older adults. The channel hosts the mothers of famous singers/MCs Saksit “Tor” Vejsupaporn, Tatchakorn “Godji” Boonlapayanan, Thanakrit “Wan” Panitchwit, and Arom “Cutto” Phoharnrattanakul. Follow this channel here:

2. Unboxing with Grandma: Grandma Pranee, a former English teacher, is now 93. But she’s still keen on guiding others. Her page’s handy reviews of products for older adults such as canes, glasses, smelling salts, skincare, and cosmetics have won nearly 40,000 followers. Check out her fun reviews at

3. Leo: He’s Grandma Boy: Animal lovers will fall for this page showing a grandma’s cute moments with her pet dog Leo. This Golden Retriever is a charmer who persuades his owner to spoil him with massages, baths, and other treats. Follow their stories at

4. Shirley Curry: Older adults can be top gamers too. If you love gaming, you’ll enjoy discovering 84-year-old Shirley Curry. This grandma has opened a YouTube channel to show others how to play Skyrim. Her impressive techniques have already attracted over 920,000 followers. Check out her content on


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