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Photo-Editing Apps for Older Adults

Greeting cards are a great way to send good wishes on special occasions. By sending cards, we can maintain connections and create good memories along the way.

Now that New Year is near, The Aspen Tree – the property project that takes care of older people’s well-being in all aspects ( – recommends 3 apps that can help you create a unique card for your loved ones this festive season. With these cool photo-editing solutions, it’s a doddle to design a greeting card on your smartphone.

1. Appygraph

This app lets you make a unique card in minutes. You have over 100 templates to pick from. Just open the app, pick the template you like, add your message or photo, put in some decorations, and save the card as a photo file. You can then share it in an instant.

Download it from: (IOS only)

2. Invitation card marker

This app is great for making greeting cards and invitation cards. You can customize its beautiful templates easily, changing the photo and message. Cards you make with this app have moving images. The recipients can open them, read the message, and even see the back of the card.

Download it from: Android, IOS

3. Line Camera

Take a great shot with your camera phone. Add a message. You can decorate it with cute Line Friends stickers. To make it even more special, you can use filters (additional download required) to adjust the lighting. The app also has a collage feature for you to put many photos in the same frame.

Download it from: Android , IOS


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