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Get to Know Podcast: Source of Knowledge and Entertainment for Seniors

Everyone knows what music and radio stations are. But these days, Podcast is also available. Older persons are thus recommended to familiarize themselves with Podcast that can easily serve its audio content over smartphones.

Listeners can tune into Podcast channels based on their interest – entertainment or knowledge. For example, they can get a Podcast for language skills, insights into history, exercise tips, and nutrition/healthy food choices. Often, Podcast hosts talk to their audience as if they are radio hosts.

The Aspen Tree (, which is committed to creating quality of life for the elderly, recommends the four following Podcast channels/series:

- Observation of Happiness: This provides easy-listening content about perspectives toward happiness in life and current society. Its host is famous author “Roundfinger”. Listen to this series to discover delight that life offers.

- Readery: Broadcast by the bookshop of the same name, this Podcast recommends good books and guides listeners about how to find great read for themselves.

- Critical Listening: It updates listeners about social, historical, religious, and political issues as well as beliefs/traditions, encouraging its audience to exercise judgment along the way.

- WE ARE YOUNG: No one undestands older persons better than fellow seniors. Featuring elderly hosts, WE ARE YOUNG Poadcast tells stories of people who have already been in retirement age.


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